Multiplication methods

Written methods of multiplication


It is essential to develop a method of multiplication which is both efficient and easy to use.   Methods can be either formal or informal.  

The grid  method of multiplication  (aka the box method)

This technique requires the partitioning the digits of each number to expose their value.   It is normally the first method taught at primary school that allows the pupil to multiply two, two or more digit numbers together.  Although it is often replaced in year five or six by the column method, it can continue to be used.

The column method of multiplication

Perhaps the most commonly taught method of multiplication in the United Kingdom.  According to National Curriculum,  it should be introduced around year five or six.  Both of the following videos were produced by psychosides.  You can find more brilliant videos on his YouTube channel

The lattice method of multiplication

This method is quite complicated to set out but is often loved and used effectively by students who have not been able to use any other multiplication method.  The following video has also been produced by psychosides who refers to the technique as the grid method.


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